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About the Small Business Website

Kim Cavanaugh

The Small Business Website is owned and operated by Kim Cavanaugh, one of the world’s leading experts on teaching how to create, publish, and maintain an effective website.

Kim has been teaching and writing about the use of web design software tools for over 12 years, producing three books, two online courses, and a huge library of online video and text-based tutorials along the way. While Kim has primarily written about how professional web designers can use tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks to build their websites, he also works extensively with ordinary folks who want to get their material online without having to learn complicated software products and processes. That’s where this site comes in!

In his day job Kim works for one of the largest public school districts in the U.S., where he is responsible for helping over 12,000 teachers get their class websites published, oversees 400+ WordPress sites that teachers use in their classroom, and produces instructional videos for teachers, parents, and students. You can view past episodes of Kim’s tutorials online on the Teaching With Technology TV show, or check out the video podcasts Kim co-hosted at The Palm Breeze Cafe.

Kim works with a talented group of designers, developers, photographers, and artists on an as-needed basis to insure that your web design needs are met efficiently and affordably.

Building your Small Business Website Book Cover

Coming in the Spring of 2013! Building Your Small Business Website–The Book!

Learn how to use low-cost and free web publishing tools to create a dynamic and higly effective website for your small business. Look for Kim’s eBook for Kindles, Nooks, and iPads to be available in the Spring of 2013.

Packed with step-by-step instructions, practical examples, video demonstrations, and tips learned from years and years of experience this eBook will help you get your small business website up and running and attracting customers in no time!